0.8 Gallon Long Jarrarium Setup

I was inspired by several aquarist on Instagram, seeing their long tank setups. And I knew I wanted something like that, but I wasn’t willing to fork out over $100 on a tank alone! So instead, I sought out for cheaper aquarium tank alternatives for my Jarrariums. Here below you’ll find a list of my materials, excluding four things, the two pieces of wood, the current lamp I’m using, and the recent (and also unnecessary) water pump included. These pieces were too unique to actually be found or sold anywhere else. But hey, if you’re here reading this, I’m already sure your creativity will get you far. Good luck!

Royal Imports Flower Vase Acrylic Rectangle 12 x 4 x 4-INCH

  • About 0.8 – 0.9 gallons
  • Rounded edges
  • Long, clear vase made of acrylic
  • Suitable for shrimp, snails may escape

Fluval Plant and Shrimp Stratum

  • Suitable at minimum, for plants and shrimp
  • Mineral rich volcanic soil
  • Neutral to mildly acidic PH
  • Tiny spherical-shaped soil
  • Light, porous soil contributes to the development of beneficial bacteria

Zafina 3 Pack Aquarium Plant Seeds

  • Easy to grow, in water or dry start
  • Luscious green carpet, be generous when planting
  • Highly recommend dry start method for cohesive carpet look


  • Lighting: Medium – High
  • Miracle workers, in any Jarrarium or aquarium setup!
  • In the event of a chemical imbalance, these plants will grow erratically, absorbing the waste and excess nutrients in your tank.
  • Fast growing and self-reproductive, can eventually flower!
  • Capable of rapidly growing and covering the top of the tank, therefore take this into consideration for any ground plants that require light.


  • Lighting: Medium – High
  • For the less experienced hobbyist, these are often regarded as a nightmare to take care of.
  • For the more experienced, these duckweeds are incredibly decorative, as well as beneficial to the ecosystem! Think mini-Frogbits!
  • They get everywhere, so in the event of a water change prepare yourself for some micro managing.
  • Like Frogbits, capable of rapidly growing and covering the top of the tank, therefore take this into consideration for any ground plants that require light.

Java moss

  • Lighting: Low – Medium
  • Prone to algae growth, however shrimp will forage them like no other!
  • Easy to grow, be wary of giving it too much light, may actually turn brown from the light.


  • Lighting: Low – High
  • Thrives in any lighting condition, but also susceptible to harboring too much algae in high lighting conditions. (Solvable with algae-eaters!)
  • Ensure that the rhizome (the thick base) of the plant is not covered or buried, because it requires lighting as well!
  • To propagate, clip new growth on the rhizome that has at least three or four leaves, and preferably a root growing out of it.


  • Lighting: Medium – High
  • Slow-fast grower depending on the tank and lighting conditions.
  • As it grows, roots will grow off its body and latch itself to the soil
  • Propagating is as simple as clipping new growth off

Red Cherry shrimp

  • Lifespan: 1 year
  • Becomes little-to-no maintenance in any planted tank.
  • In a Jarrarium, they feed off of the growing algae and plants that naturally grows in the ecosystem, requiring no feeding on your part! (Just leave the light on often)
  • Reaches maturity at around six months, and then is capable of sexually reproducing.

LEPOWER Metal Desk Lamp, Adjustable Goose Neck Table Lamp, Eye-Caring Study Lamps for Bedroom and Office

  • Metallic, sturdy, and tall
  • Heat dissipation design
  • Angle adjustable

If you’re curious about my other Jarrarium materials, you can find them here.

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